A website designed to provide simple practical advice for a person with a visual impairment who wants to take up drawing and painting or someone wishing to start an art group for people with a visual impairment

Welcome to the World of Painting with a Visual Impairment.

It may seem that the two elements, painting and visual impairment don't really go together.


Over many years I have witnessed first hand how much pleasure and sense of satisfaction has been achieved by people whose sight is severely impaired especially those who have had to come to terms with sight loss in later life. 

The story starts with my own situation. I went to art college even though my sight was poor. It gradually got worse but the painting process was in my blood and I was determined to carry on expressing myself in paint. Imagine my surprise to discover that others were just as excited by the activity as I am. That children and adults of all ages became just as engaged as fully sighted artists after some minor modifications to the activity.

Special thanks to Leraz Shutkever for all her expert help in creating this website.

I must stress that the website puts forward my personal view and is not validated by any official organisation or sponsored by any commercial interests.


Find a space to work, with access to a window, natural light is best especially when painting. A conservatory  can also be a good place to set up your art equipment.  If there is glare from direct sunlight fit a thin roller blind to filter this out. A Velux Window/Sky Tunnel   above the work area is an excellent way to boost the amount of light. If the room could be painted white and a white laminate floor fitted these will also make the work space more appropriate for improving what you can see. A comfortable space which helps your particular eye condition is the most important starting point.

If the work space can be dedicated to practical activities a bank of strip lights are a cheap and very effective way of lighting it.

A sloping surface to work on means you don’t need to bend over in an uncomfortable way and stops your head blockng out the natural light.

If this all sounds rather forbidding AND expensive really the window is the main element the rest can be added on later when you have caught the painting bug.

I am dividing the rest of the advice into distinct chapter headings.

General Aspects


Watercolour Painting

Oil/Acrylic Painting

My work space with roller blind open and closed ,strip lighting, white laminate flooring and sloping work surface

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